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A brand for an app called Periscope
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Hi, I’m a brand for a new app called Periscope. I know you are busy, so I’ll make this quick. No worries, I’ll handle the hard stuff!
Periscope is a live video broadcasting app on iOS and Android.
Periscope is a live-streaming application that allows you to broadcast your moments to your followers.
Periscope is a live streaming app that connects people by allowing them to share their personal lives with anyone around the world.
Periscope is the fastest and easiest way to broadcast live video to the world.
Periscope lets you broadcast and watch live video from your phone.
Periscope turns your phone into a live video camera. We do this so you can share your world in real time with the people you love.
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Hi, I’m a brand for a new app called Periscope. I know you are smart, so I’ll make this quick. No worries, I’ll help your business grow!
Hi, I’m a brand for a new app called Periscope. I’m here to keep you up to date with all the latest and greatest news. So, let’s spend some time together!
Hi. I’m a brand for a new app called Periscope. I want to be your sidekick in the journey of live video.
My name is Periscope. I’m a brand new app from Twitter. I know you’re busy so I’ll make this quick.
Hi. I’m Periscope, but you can just call me Scope. I know you’re busy, so let’s get this out of the way—I’ll handle all the hard stuff. That way, you can focus on what really matters-your business.
Hey, I know you’re busy so let me cut right to the chase. Meet Periscope—the new live broadcasting app that lets you share your world like never before.

Hi, I’m Periscope. I’m all about live video sharing. I know you’re busy so I keep the interface simple and straightforward. Your followers are already here, so go use me! Windows VPN
Introducing Periscope . We let you broadcast live video from your iPhone and watch anyone else’s broadcasts.
Periscope lets you easily share a live video from your phone.
Periscope lets you broadcast live from your phone.
With Periscope, you’ll never have to worry about capturing a moment again. You can livestream right from your phone and share a personal perspective with the world.
Periscope lets you share live video with anyone who has the app. Be there when something happens!
Want to share your world in real-time with your friends? Just open up Periscope and start broadcasting live video!
Periscope keeps you connected and brings the world closer together.
Periscope makes it easy for you to share your world in real-time with your friends.
Periscope lets you share your world in real-time with friends. No matter where you are, join the global community of broadcasters.
Periscope helps you broadcast live video to all of your friends in real-time.

Periscope lets you share the world as you see it. Whether you’re catching your buddy’s concert in Paris, filming a protest in Burma or taking a moonlit stroll along the Seine, anything can be broadcast live to the world.
Have you ever found yourself in an incredible moment that you wish you could share with everyone right away? We want to help you do just that! The world is an amazing place, and we want Periscope to help you explore it.
Join Periscope and share your world with people who are waiting to see it.
Periscope is the fastest and easiest way to broadcast live video to your followers and the world.

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