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Your friends tell you that gifts don’t matter. They have everything, or they don’t demand something. And yet, you whish to get them something. Don’t only get a random trendy gadget that will probably end up in a landfill, or worse – will be used by hackers for nefarious purposes. Instead, gain your friends and loved ones a gift they will appreciate, privacy and security.

Everybody don’t likes the idea of being secretly watched, but thas’s the Internet world we live in – each step you take is closely monitored Goverments, ISP, advertisers, mammon, or hackers. Your online reclusion can be easily attacked, but only if you let it.

Providing the gift of online protection is so easy, especially since it comes in the form of a user friendly VPN service. A VPN will create a virtually hack-proof encrypted tunnel like ikev2 for your online traffic, ensuring that nobody can get their hands on your private info. NoodleVPN has multiple security with high encryptions by ssl 2048 bit.

VPN Gifts

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