The idea behindstatic IP is innovative combination of a VPN and static IP. The network keeps your data safe and your identity invisible to any nationwide network snooping on you. Put simply, static IP allows you to connect to a website from anywhere in the world without leaving your home network. While you might think of this as an un-web feature, you’re wrong. Anyone with a modicum of internet knowledge can find ways around restrictions placed on blocked websites. Static IP provides a non-static solution — a way for you to access blocked content even when your own gateway is blocked.
Whitelisting is a very controversial topic. Many people believe it is an invasion of privacy and an additional barrier to tech innovation. But, for those who use public wifi or have unsecured connections at home, having a static IP can help reduce the risk of snoopers. Anyone with malicious intent can instantly monitor your location through a simple app like Wifi Analyzer. A whitelist would not only protect you but also reduce the bandwidth usage on your end. All data from your device goes through the static ip (virtual private network).

Imagine if you could create and share websites just like the ones you like to see created by other awesome people. Imagine if you could share your articles, images, avatars and videos just as easily as sending a tweet or posting an Instagram photo. Imagine that every time you want to check out a cool website, you just do a simple click on the button and an anonymized ip appears on your computer. That’s how you get the best of both worlds — getting free access to cool websites while still being able to browse and create anonymously.
You might be used to get best VPN service only from large companies or authority. Now you can get VPN service at a very reasonable price from small VPN providers. This can help you to protect your privacy while surfing the internet. Also, by using static IP, your devices won’t have any problem guessing what type of internet connection you are using. That means it will be much harder for hackers to track your online activities.

The Internet is a crazy place sometimes. Things get deleted, new ones appear, and old stuff gets remade with no regard for continuity. When something dies it’s not a big deal; in most cases the server can simply be restarted and life goes on. But sometimes things get deleted or renamed incorrectly. This can be very disruptive if you have been using a piece of content for a long time with a different name but are suddenly told it needs to be rewritten with a different domain name. If your site has been up for a long time without any updates and people have trust in you, contacting them about this is probably a good idea.
If you want to read more about why you should choose us as your online web hosting provider, then keep on reading. Today’s blog post is all about the future of web hosting. We’re here because we believe that our customers should always have a great online experience when using any hosting service. They shouldn’t be prevented from using the best provider just because they don’t pay for it – as long as they use a static ip address for their online transactions we will continue to offer them our service at an affordable price.

You may be using your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to browse the internet when you could instead be streaming a movie, playing a game or doing whatever it is you enjoy doing. However, because this activity can be done anywhere in the world with relative ease, there is an obvious, practical solution that many people are not aware of – Turning off mobile data or Wi-Fi may actually save you money. You are free to use data and download applications without worrying about using up your limited data plan or giving up your Wi-Fi connection when in public areas where your data plan might not be valid anyway.
IP whitelisting is a powerful, yet controversial way to improve your online security. For those of you who use public or shared wifi, or who have unsecured connections at home, we recommend using a VPN service. This will not only protect you from malicious snoopers but also reduce the bandwidth on your end.

Having a static IP has its benefits. It offers you the ability to seamlessly encrypt and transmit data across the web. This can prove to be especially beneficial in public areas. Anyone with malicious intent can easily read your info by downloading Wifi Analyzer, but only if you don’t have a whitelist enabled.
Any internet-connected device that doesn’t have a static IP address is susceptible to being hounded by snoopers. However, with a Static IP Address you can prevent this. In addition, it reduces the bandwidth usage on your end and protects you from someone using your device to commit cybercrimes.
A static IP address is a virtual private network (VPN) that gives you secure access to the Internet via your existing home or mobile Internet connection. A VPN encrypts your data, protecting it from snooping third parties, such as hackers. But maybe most importantly, having a whitelist would mean that you’d never have to ask yourself, “Am I on a safe public wifi?” Your data would be safely encrypted all the time.

Is there anything better than an ordinary day of Netflix binge watching or YouTube videos without the risk of hackers snooping in? It doesn’t have to be a luxury for the rich and famous. A whitelist can help you achieve anonymity without sacrificing much bandwidth nor data.
There are good reasons to whitelist a static IP.
Whitelisting is a unique way of IP address allocation, where any device connected to a network is virtually tethered to an addresse (subnet) which remains in an exclusive state. Theoretically, whitelisting can be used to protect the data security of any individual, as it offers a VPN-like service; where all traffic must be routed through a specific IP.

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