Download VPN Application

Download VPN App for Windows 10-11 and Android


Download NoodleVPN Application via below steps :

1. Please download NoodleVPN Windows VPN Connector from below:

After installing NoodleVPN , open it and then put VPN username, password and then login.

You can select one server and then go online.


Please download NoodleVPN (Android) Application from below:
Android VPN App


You can connect to NoodleVPN via cisco anyconnect with below :

AnyConnect for iOS

You can connect to NoodleVPN via OPENVPN with below :

OpenVPN for iOS


You can connect to NoodleVPN via cisco anyconnect for Mac with below :

Cisco AnyConnect for MAC

You can connect to NoodleVPN via OpenVPN for Mac with below :



You need a vpn app if you are looking to browse privately.


A virtual private network (VPN) is a service used to conceal a user’s online activities from those they are connected to.

A VPN is an extremely useful tool for anyone who works in any kind of digital environment.

Encrypted VPN

Encrypting your internet traffic means that no one can see what you’re doing on the web, at school or at work, or any other digital activity.

It also provides another layer of security when using untrusted public Wi-Fi networks, stopping potential hackers and snoopers from seeing your details.

TVs online

Your internet service provider (ISP) may also require you to use a VPN for security measures, limiting access to services such as Netflix and other streaming websites.


If you’re worried about privacy and security on the web, you should get a VPN. When you want more security and encryption for your data, there are many different paid options available. A VPN will boost your internet security and privacy in the modern digital world.

VPN features on App

Easily, one tap connect to openvpn, cieco anyconnect. – Free setup, No signup and No any logs kept! – NoodleVPN Never tracks, log, or store any user personally identifiable information. Encryptes VPN App is a lightning-rapid app provide free VPN service. Not need any configuration, just simply click one step, you can access the Internet securely

What operating systems do you have VPN Apps for?

NoodleVPN has a smart connection for Windows and Android. With the VPN App, you can easily connect to any location and protocol like OpenVPN, Ikev2 or PPTP.

Do you have an VPN App for iOS?

Currently no, it is under construction, but you can easily connect with AnyConnect or OpenVPN on iOS and Mac.

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