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Training and installation of v2ray:

Android V2Ray App is a special app only used for on Android, it is a type of new proxy.
First, download and install the V2ray App from Google Play
click here or

Then copy the code we sent you (A special code sent to you after purchase).

Click on the positive sign as shown in the image:


From the opened menu, Click on “import config from clipboard”:

v2ray for Android

At the end, we click on “V” to connect the v2ray according to the picture:

Android v2ray

And now It is connected by Android v2ray. so easily!

Note: Sometimes ‘v2ray’ is connected but nothing opens, you have to disconnect it and reconnect it. Wait about 30 seconds.

Get Android V2ray

You can order a V2Ray from the VPN VPN. If you do not find the shopping menu, please call by Ticket. This service is expensive and has little bandwidth.

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