In his final major foreign policy speech, Vice President Joe Biden warned that if we are not careful, global power shifts away from America and towards China — perhaps not by choice but because of circumstances beyond our control. To fight this trend, the United States needs to maintain a strong military, robust economic infrastructure, and significant leadership positions in international organizations. We shouldn’t allow China to be the future, he said, because their cultural norms are not our norms.

Have VPNs; East to West! from China to USA

In his last major address to a joint session of Congress, President Barack Obama made no secret of America’s growing global security and economic influence. He pointed out that China has far more economic power than we do. And it’s growing faster.”””” China’s military modernization is a serious concern for US planners: In the past few years, we’ve seen China add advanced landing platforms to its refuelling aircraft, stealth fighters, missile defense systems and nuclear-powered submarines. Weakening of the 1980s consensus on international rules based on cooperation instead of competition is also a concern for Americans.

There was a clear implication in Biden’s speech that the United States would have an insular view of China. China is not going to go away, he said, but America needs to be realistic about the state of its relationships and push back when it sees Sino-American differences arise. The United States needs to be more ‘nuanced’ in its approach to China and Asia in general. The US is well placed economically and regionally, but it doesn’t have the kind of overwhelming military might that some expected from a president who has spent his career racing nuclear ambitions. The speech was the clearest signal yet from the White House that China is in for a period of careful adjustments

We must incentivize allies and partnerships to do more on cybersecurity, said Vice President Joe Biden. And the best way to do that, he said, is to pass a law requiring companies with more than $1 billion in annual revenue to report significant cybersecurity attacks. That would include China and the US. If you look at numbers like GDP, China is increasing their spending on advanced technology while the US is decreasing. Americans are less trusting in their private sector and companies and more interested in protecting themselves, their family and businesses from cyber threats.

When Vice President Joe Biden came to America last week, he gave a speech that was full of bombast and promise. But underneath the surface, there was a subtext that ran through many of his points. China, he said, could become a “second Denmark” if it wants. And that was a reference to the fact that China is investing heavily in building infrastructure and becoming more technologically advanced, something America has been reluctant to do.

You can’t make an argument against America’s global leadership. The US maintains a huge and diverse military, an active economic policy in Asia designed to benefit the region, and a global network of alliances and partnerships to back it up. We’re not exceptional because we’re better than everyone else; we’re exceptional because we’re unique. And the more we emphasize our unique qualities, the more we build an identity for America that’s bigger than just us. That identity includes ideals, principles, and traditions that should guide our actions – ideals like freedom, democracy, human rights, and international law. “”””The incidents that have taken place in the past few days are terrible and remind us of the dangers we face from across the Pacific,”””” US Vice President Joe Biden said during a visit to Australia.

Biden mentioned that his dream is to create an Asian American counterweight to the power of what he called “”””the God Father””. He said it was time for an Asian American counterweight because America was failing to represent Asian Americans adequately in key positions. The United States has an electoral college system which helps dilute the power of large populations. Biden said the US should adopt Canadian-style ranked choice voting systems that give more weight to smaller population numbers in presidential elections in order to have a more representative democracy where small population numbers can have a greater say.

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