VPN or Virtual Private Networks are the need of the hour because of many reasons such as cyber-security, privacy and protection against malware. With amount of cyber threat on rise, a dedicated VPN is fundamental need of each business organization, especially the organizations with ‘bring your own device’ BYOD policy. Dedicated VPN encrypts all your data and keeps the business secrets safe. Furthermore, a secure VPN can add a level of strict security to the web server. The website owners can keep the visitors data safe when the administration login is restricted by dedicated VPN.

Despite so many benefits, with so many cheap VPN option available, it becomes extremely challenging to pick the one that offers the best VPN service. While you can buy VPN online and even keep your cloud data safe, you must understand the features that the best VPN service must offer. Here is a compilation of some of the features that individual user and business organization must consider to pick the best VPN service.

How to choose the Best VPN 2021

Internet Usage: While VPN service packages are monthly, quarterly and/or on annual basis, not all virtual private networks offer unlimited VPN service. While business organizations must opt for unlimited VPN as it would be actually economic, even the individual who love to watch videos, download music or have office work that involves downloading large files must pick unlimited VPN.
VPN Protocols: Protocols of the best VPN service must be based on the secure VPN without vulnerabilities. While usually a virtual private network offers one or at the maximum a couple of these protocols, Noodle VPN is the best unlimited and secure VPN that offers you OpenVPN, Cisco VPN , Kerio VPN and PPTP, L2TP , IPSec via single VPN account. Buy the best vpn now!

Log Keeping: The log keeping can make your web surfing vulnerable. Furthermore, in case the government needs your records, they can obtain it from the virtual private network service, if they maintain logs. It is in your favor to opt for secure VPN that offers unlimited VPN service. Unlimited VPN services will not have to keep track of your logging details to raise additional bills.
Secure VPN: Security features and privacy features are not the same when we talk about a virtual private network. While all virtual private networks keep your privacy intact, you must find out about the security features such as firewalls and antivirus compliance as well.

Data Encryption: Data encryption is one of the prime requirements of security. Special Cisco VPN and OpenVPN provided by the best VPN service offer finest encryption services and keep your data secured.
Cheap VPN: While excessively cheap service or free service can be very attractive, they are quite expensive when it comes to security. The free service or usually display ads and hence they make you vulnerable to cyber threats, virus and malware.
Trial Period: The best VPN service would offer a trial period. The trial run helps you understand the features by trying them.
National Network: See the reach of the network and servers of the VPN. Some amazing services such as Noodle VPN offer services across continents (20+ nations and growing).

Mobile App: With mobile apps for various operating systems, the best VPN services ensure that you are safe and secure even while you surf web on your mobile or tablet. Hence, it adds a greater sense of security to your privacy and data security.
While most businesses do understand the need of firewall, antivirus and the best VPN services, individual need to understand it as well. While your ISP provider provides you data connection, it is highly expensive for them to provide you with encryption and privacy. It is almost impossible to decrypt services of OpenVPN, Cisco VPN and Kerio VPN and a subscription from Noodle VPN offers you all these features and much more.

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