Purchase of 4 websites

Special sale of the site, which has been online since 2010. An old site with 4695 active customers.
The special offer is that with the purchase of, you will also get the following sites, that is, with the money you pay for this site, you will get 4 sites; 2010 2012 2012 , Great for SEO! 2018

The value of NoodleVPN is $19900 , with this amount you will own all 4 sites.
Please use the following link to pay with Perfect Money and for Tether or Bitcoin from the following addresses. After paying, open an account on the Namecheap site to transfer domains.

Tether (usdt) trc20 ; THKqPyh54zE3kEQF9yz4QXZMaGNzAxs8nB

Bitcoin Address; bc1qagqnwfjxlqs3tz50snc7jfl28pzpf2jklgl9tw