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Get a Canada VPN with Montreal IP address with single click ease: Use our easy-to-use service that provides you with a physical address in Canada and a virtual one as well. Our servers are located in Montreal and Quebec. We offer both package deals and hourly services. Our dedicated servers ensure a constant connection to your destination so that you can use our service without interruption. What is more, our customers notice that we respond immediately to their questions and issues. You can trust that with us.


Wherever you are in the world, use our VoIP service to have a secure and free voice connection. Use our Canada VPN service to hide your real IP address, opening up new doors to geo restrictions and restricting your digital activity. No more restrictions when trying to visit blocked sites or using popular apps such as YouTube or Facebook. Simply choose from both our ultrafast (2G) and standard (4G) internet plans that include unlimited usage of our VPN services.

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Do you find yourself landing on blocked or limited websites? Do you wish to securely access blocked or limited information, even if it is via a VPN? Academy VPN offers dedicated servers in both locations that will allow you to bypass geographic restrictions and unblocked websites. Academy provides OpenVPN connections which make it possible to bypass geo-restrictions on websites and applications while maintaining an encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet. Also features servers in Montreal and Quebec that ensure high infrastructure and reliable service.


Have you ever wanted to hide your true IP address and access blocked websites and apps? Do you want to reduce the amount of time your internet connection spends waiting for a download to finish instead of draining your battery? You could do a lot worse than using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN encrypts your data and hides your true IP address, making it possible to access blocked sites and use Netflix and other applications that require a username and password to access. It’s also useful for extending your internet connection at home or using apps like Google Fiber where your Internet provider blocks certain locations or IP addresses. You can read more about why I love vpns here, but the short version is that they work by assigning you a different IP address every time you connect to the Internet.

Canadian VPN

Access to blocked websites and apps can be gained through several methods, but the most reliable and cost-effective method involves a Canadian Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. A VPN acts as a hidden layer between your computer and the internet, obscuring your IP address and making it possible to browse the internet without risking your identity or privacy. Using a proxy provider, or unblocking services also allows you to access blocked websites and services regardless..

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Get a free one-day trial of VPN Canada and get 10 percent off your first purchase. That offer is valid for new customers only and while supplies last. When you connect to the internet through a Canada Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, your data travels through servers in Canada and hides your true IP address, making it possible to browse the internet as if you are in another country. This improves your security on public Wi-Fi networks and increases your privacy around online activity.

When it comes to privacy concerns, there are hundreds of VPN providers out there. However, choosing and managing a VPN can be time consuming and difficult. I completed the process of discovering 5 of the best VPN providers via research, testing, and recommendations from experts. I will give you the tools to be able to choose and manage your VPN with just one click.  In this post you’ll get to know my top 5 favourite VPN services.

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