Geolocation is a basic IP geolocation tool extracted from OpenGeofile that can be used to display information about your local IP address including latitude, longitude, city, region and country in a map view. This is useful if you want to check your IP address on a computer or mobile device while travelling or during development. You can also display this information on your website as well as share it on social media pages. All you have to do is add the relevant OpenGeofile geolocation tile onto your website or blog post along with a short description of the feature and you’re good to go!

What is my IP? find your IP & location here.

The Best IP Finder is a free utility that locates and displays the location of your computer’s IP address. By default, it looks for IP addresses allocated for use by your Mac or Windows PC. You can select from a variety of alternative scanning methods such as TAP, Wireshark, and network scanners available from vendors like Active Network Technologies. You can view a detailed listing of recently visited websites or open a web browser to a website directly from the results page.
Ip geolocation is the process of determining the location of your computer or mobile device based on its IP address. Using this method, you can find out where you are located without having to use a displayed location location, like latitude and longitude. Geolocation works with open source software such as OpenTracing, which can be used together with other tools like Bing and Google Maps to provide a more accurate and up-to-date location map for your IP address.

Finding the best IP address for your computer is a fundamental step in setting up shared network and internet access. Your computer needs an IP address to communicate with other devices on the internet. Your network gateway, the device that connects your computer to the internet, needs to be configured with an IP address so that all devices within your local network (the local network of your computer) can communicate with the rest of the internet. In addition to physical location being critical to connectivity, software version and OS version also determine if your device can properly access the outside world.

It’s easy to find the best IP address; just enter your IP address into the search bar of any web browser and hit enter. This article explains how to find the IP address of your computer or smartphone in different parts of the world. It also lists the most popular public IP addresses available. If you type in a domain name (e.g., but don’t know the location of that server, you can also find out using the /server lookup command in most browsers. You could also use this tool to find at-risk open ports on your computer or device.

Geolocation is a function of the web browser that retrieves the information about a website visitor’s IP address. This can be useful for webmasters who need to know the location of their visitors, or optimizers who need to check if their site is functioning as it should. A geolocation is not 100% accurate but it gives you an idea about where someone is located.

There are many tools out there to find geolocation of your IP address but they’re not designed for one-click IP location updates. GPS Toolbox is unique in that it provides a one-stop geolocation solution for any IP address. No more multiple browser windows opening and closing as you try to locate your device. Just locate your device in the map below and the tool will automatically calculate the best location for you.

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