free vpn list

free vpn providers list

Free vpn providers list

NoodleVPN is one of free vpn providers that gives 2 vpn for clients. A VPN with App and a vpn is free with manual setting.
To gain a free vpn you need to get a vpn on pacges of quarterly or yearly.

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free vpn list

Get VPN free now and receive 2 VPNs!

what is the best vpn in Australia

what is the best vpn in Australia?

what is the best vpn in Australia?

what is the best vpn in Australia?

Because Noodle VPN supports all important vpn protocols :Ikev2 VPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, Cisco VPN, OpenVPN udp tcp
And VPN App for Windows, Android and IOS
And also you get 2 different vpn: 1. by App (easy and fast) and 2. by setting up manually (multi using like a use wants to use for Modem VPN)

what is the best vpn in Australia

Get VPN Australia with below cities;

Australia VPN with Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney IPs.

Which is better openvpn or pptp?

which is better openvpn or pptp?

Which is better openvpn or pptp?

which is better openvpn or pptp? Answer: in speed PPTP and in security OpenVPN.

But did you know which is better than pptp and even openvpn?
IKEv2 VPN, Ikev2 is great in speed and security.

PPTP vpn is elementary protocol, and good only for unblock websites, not others goals. OpenVPN is better PPTP and it has a SSL and use encryption 1024 bit but openvpn is old service too. Although Noodle VPN use openvpn on the App, but please note this openvpn is a type of wraped and proffisional of OpenVPN.

OpenVPN is a free and open-source software application that implements virtual private network (VPN) techniques to create secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities. It uses a custom security protocol that utilizes SSL/TLS for key exchange. It is capable of traversing network address translators (NATs) and firewalls. It was written by James Yonan and is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

OpenVPN allows peers to authenticate each other using pre-shared secret keys, certificates or username/password. When used in a multiclient-server configuration, it allows the server to release an authentication certificate for every client, using signatures and certificate authority. It uses the OpenSSL encryption library extensively, as well as the TLS protocol, and contains many security and control features.

OVPN has been ported and embedded to several systems. For example, DD-WRT has the server function. SoftEther VPN, a multi-protocol VPN server, has an implementation of Open VPN protocol.
OVPN uses the OpenSSL library to provide encryption of both the data and control channels. It lets OpenSSL do all the encryption and authentication work, allowing OpenVPN to use all the ciphers available in the OpenSSL package. It can also use the HMAC packet authentication feature to add an additional layer of security to the connection (referred to as an “HMAC Firewall” by the creator). It can also use hardware acceleration to get better encryption performance.[11][12] Support for mbed TLS is available starting from version 2.3

Which is better openvpn or pptp?

OpenVPN offers various internal security features. It has up to 256-bit encryption through OpenSSL library, although some service providers may offer lower rates, effectively providing some of the fastest VPN available to consumers.[19][20] It runs in userspace instead of requiring IP stack (therefore kernel) operation. OpenVPN has the ability to drop root privileges, use mlockall to prevent swapping sensitive data to disk, enter a chroot jail after initialization and apply a SELinux context after initialization.

OpenVPN runs a custom security protocol based on SSL and TLS rather than support IKE, IPsec, L2TP or PPTP. OpenVPN offers support of smart cards via PKCS#11-based cryptographic tokens.

PPTP; The Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is an obsolete method for implementing virtual private networks. PPTP has many well known security issues.
PPTP uses a TCP control channel and a Generic Routing Encapsulation tunnel to encapsulate PPP packets. Many modern VPNs use various forms of UDP for this same functionality.

The PPTP specification does not describe encryption or authentication features and relies on the Point-to-Point Protocol being tunneled to implement any and all security functionalities.

The PPTP implementation that ships with the Microsoft Windows product families implements various levels of authentication and encryption natively as standard features of the Windows PPTP stack. The intended use of this protocol is to provide security levels and remote access levels comparable with typical VPN products.

A PPTP tunnel is instantiated by communication to the peer on TCP port 1723. This TCP connection is then used to initiate and manage a GRE tunnel to the same peer. The PPTP GRE packet format is non standard, including a new acknowledgement number field replacing the typical routing field in the GRE header. However, as in a normal GRE connection, those modified GRE packets are directly encapsulated into IP packets, and seen as IP protocol number 47. The GRE tunnel is used to carry encapsulated PPP packets, allowing the tunnelling of any protocols that can be carried within PPP, including IP, NetBEUI and IPX.

Which do I get vpn pptp or openvpn?
NoodleVPN provides OpenVPN, PPTP, Ikev2, Cisco VPN and IPSec. So if you get noodlevpn you have access all vpn protocols. You need to buy vpn in quarterly or annually packages till have all vpn services.

get vpn with bitcoin

buy vpn Bitcoin

Buy VPN with Bitcoin

Bitcoin VPN; A way to get vpn with Bitcoin is excellent If you want to be completely anonymous, So buy a vpn with Bitcoin and hide yourself on the Internet.

Bitcoin VPN (₿) is a cryptocurrency, a form of Electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user-to-user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

Transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain. Bitcoin was invented by an unknown person or group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto and released as open-source software in 2009. Bitcoins are created as a reward for a process known as mining. They can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services. Research produced by the University of Cambridge estimates that in 2017, there were 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users using a cryptocurrency wallet, most of them using bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been criticized for its use in illegal transactions, its high electricity consumption, price volatility, thefts from exchanges, and the possibility that bitcoin is an economic bubble. Bitcoin has also been used as an investment, although several regulatory agencies have issued investor alerts about bitcoin.

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Get VPN with Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Price Online, Cryptocurrency rate

get vpn with bitcoin

The BTC blockchain is a public ledger that records bitcoin transactions. It is implemented as a chain of blocks, each block containing a hash of the previous block up to the genesis block[a] of the chain. A network of communicating nodes running bitcoin software maintains the blockchain. 215-219 Transactions of the form payer X sends Y bitcoins to payee Z are broadcast to this network using readily available software applications.

Get for your Private Internet Access VPN safely and anonymously using Bitcoin. NoodleVPN uses

NoodleVPN accepts Bitcoin via Blockchain for all of its plans, and also potent vpn Pay and get vpn for US, UK, EU, AU VPN with SSH – OpenVPN – PPTP – Ikev2, IPSec, Cisco VPN access using bitcoin crypto-currency

Best vpn to accepts Bitcoin to get a vpn service by NoodleVPN.

Kerio VPN

buy Kerio VPN

Buy Kerio VPN

Network Security for Your Business: What is Kerio? It is a type of Proxy (VPN)

The First Kerio VPN Provider plus others VPN Protocol on a VPN package by . Kerio Control is an award-winning UTM firewall designed to protect businesses from a comprehensive range of invasive and crippling corporate network threats. Kerio Control auto-updating security layer detects and prevents emerging threats automatically while providing network administrators with flexible user policy tools, complete bandwidth management and QoS control, detailed network monitoring, and IPsec VPN connectivity for desktops, mobile devices and multiple sites. Kerio Control provides superior network protection and intelligence that is stable, secure, and above all, simple to manage.

Kerio VPN Works on : Windows (32 and 64 bit) , MAC , Linux  ,Debian , Ubuntu
Setup : Easy by KerioVPN App

Please note; Noodle VPN Services do not support Kerio VPN.


Kerio Control (previously called Kerio WinRoute Firewall and before that WinRoute Pro) is a software gateway firewall developed by Kerio Technologies (earlier known as Tiny Software). Equipped with a VPN server, integrated Sophos anti-virus (optional), web filtering, bandwidth limiter, Internet monitor and user-specific Internet access management, the Kerio Control installs on Windows and Linux, providing network perimeter defense for small to medium organizations.

Kerio VPN

Kerio Control (ранее назывался Kerio WinRoute Firewall и WinRoute Pro) это программный межсетевой экран, разработанный компаниями Kerio Technologies и Tiny Software. Основными функциями программы являются: организация безопасного пользовательского доступа в Интернет, надежная сетевая защита ЛВС, экономия трафика и рабочего времени сотрудников за счёт ограничения нецелевого доступа к различным категориям веб-контента.


coronavirus (updated March. 1)

What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, the viruses cause respiratory infections which are typically mild, including the common cold; however, rarer forms such as SARS, MERS and the novel coronavirus causing the current outbreak can be lethal. In cows and pigs they may cause diarrhea, while in chickens they can cause an upper respiratory disease. There are no vaccines or antiviral drugs that are approved for prevention or treatment.

These days, because of the deadly disease “novel coronavirus”
The best thing is Stay home and surf the Internet by Noodle VPN and be like an American, Canadian, Chinese, British or even Japanese on the Web!

Coronaviruses are viruses in the subfamily Orthocoronavirinae in the family Coronaviridae, in the order Nidovirales. Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses with a positive-sense single-stranded RNA genome and with a nucleocapsid of helical symmetry. The genomic size of coronaviruses ranges from approximately 26 to 32 kilobases, the largest for an RNA virus.

The name “coronavirus” is derived from the Latin corona, meaning crown or halo, which refers to the characteristic appearance of the virus particles (virions): they have a fringe reminiscent of a royal crown or of the solar corona.

” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is closely monitoring an outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Chinese authorities identified the new coronavirus, which has resulted in thousands of confirmed cases in China, including cases outside Wuhan City. Additional cases have been identified in a growing number of other international locations, including the United States. There are ongoing investigations to learn more. “

Types of Human Coronaviruses

Human coronaviruses are common throughout the world. Seven different coronaviruses, that scientists know of, can infect people and make them sick. Some human coronaviruses were identified many years ago and some have been identified recently. Human coronaviruses commonly cause mild to moderate illness in people worldwide. Two newer human coronaviruses, MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV, have been known to frequently cause severe illness.

Where Do Coronaviruses Come From?

Coronaviruses are common in many different species of animals, including camels and bats. Rarely, these coronaviruses can evolve and infect humans and then spread between humans. Recent examples of this include SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.

Most coronaviruses infect animals, but not people. In the future, one or more of these other coronaviruses could potentially evolve and spread to humans, as has happened in the past. We still don’t understand why only certain coronaviruses are able to infect people.

Doctors on ‘Chernobyl-like suicide mission’ to virus epicentre

Distraught relatives have farewelled medical volunteers headed for Wuhan’s coronavirus ground zero on what has been likened to a “Chernobyl” like “suicide mission”.

Footage has emerged of relatives tearfully saying goodbye to doctors and nurses on a mission which has been compared with Soviet first responders heading into the Chernobyl nuclear reactor after it exploded.

The 1986 Chernobyl disaster was the world’s worst nuclear accident.

The volunteers to Wuhan’s frontline to treat coronavirus-infected patients has been described as a “coronavirus suicide mission”.

American politician Solomon Yue issued a sombre tweet in response to one video of families sobbing and hugging as their medically trained relatives board trains or buses.

“Like Chernobyl firefighters, some of those doctors and nurses WON’T come back to their loved ones,” Mr Yue posted on Twitter.

“This is a #coronarvirus suicide mission for many of them. God bless them.”

Thousands of doctors and nurses are saying goodbye to their families as they’re deployed to Wuhan to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

China Coronavirus

In Xian, in central China, one doctor was filmed by China Central Television having a “last breakfast” with his wife before heading to the frontline in Wuhan.

First Affiliated Hospital of Xian Jiaotong University chief physicist Dr Liu Yu, at the is one of 137 medical staff assigned from Shaanxi province alone to the virus epicentre.

About MERS

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is an illness caused by a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV). Most MERS patients developed severe respiratory illness with symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath. About 3 or 4 out of every 10 patients reported with MERS have died.

All cases are linked to the Arabian Peninsula
Health officials first reported the disease in Saudi Arabia in September 2012. Through retrospective (backward-looking) investigations, they later identified that the first known cases of MERS occurred in Jordan in April 2012. So far, all cases of MERS have been linked through travel to, or residence in, countries in and near the Arabian Peninsula. The largest known outbreak of MERS outside the Arabian Peninsula occurred in the Republic of Korea in 2015. The outbreak was associated with a traveler returning from the Arabian Peninsula.

People with MERS can spread it to others
MERS-CoV has spread from ill people to others through close contact, such as caring for or living with an infected person.

MERS can affect anyone. MERS patients have ranged in age from younger than 1 to 99 years old.

CDC continues to closely monitor the MERS situation globally. We are working with partners to better understand the risks of this virus, including the source, how it spreads, and how to prevent infections. CDC recognizes the potential for MERS-CoV to spread further and cause more cases globally and in the U.S. We have provided information for travelers and are working with health departments, hospitals, and other partners to prepare for this.

Slide 3 of 50: Walt Handelsman/The New Orleans Advocate

Slide 4 of 50: Drew Sheneman/The Star-Ledger